The Abington - Ambler Alumni Chapter

Chapter History

Chapter History


The Abington-Ambler Alumni Chapter (AAA), was chartered Saturday, October 22, 2005. Situated between two of the largest Chapters in the Northeastern Province, the impetus for the chapter's formation was not a question of regional representation but more a matter of purpose. The overwhelming purpose is to serve as a bridge; A bridge between tradition and innovation, between the undergraduate and the Alumni, between the vigor and exuberance of youth and that good ol' Kappa Spirit. As many of our Brothers must cross this bridge post-graduation, it is our goal to serve as an intermediate between the two levels of our fraternity. It was with this purpose in mind that Brothers met on the evening of June 21, 2004, to investigate the need, benefit, and challenges associated with the possible formation of a new Chapter of our Noble Klan in the Eastern Montgomery County area of Pennsylvania.

Though a number of qualifying areas were considered, it was the determination of the committee that since the placement of the chapter would be key to its success it should, therefore, need to be positioned where it could be the most beneficial to the community, to the Brothers residing in the area, and to the Fraternity. It was decided that Cheltenham and Abington, being the second and third most densely populated areas by African Americans, would be the ideal placement for a new chapter. Further Investigation would reveal that areas such as Cresmont, Willow Grove and Rosland had burgeoning African American communities with schools and churches, but sparsely any African American Organizations. A hyphenated name was then suggested that would allow the chapter the flexibility to service a wider area of Montgomery County than initially thought. The decision was made that for the time being the proposed chapter would be referred to as Triple "A" or "AAA", which would if chartered be the Abington-Ambler (PA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. 

A petition for a charter was submitted to the Northeastern Province in early September of 2004. The petition of nine names was rejected with a note from Northeastern Province Polemarch, to reapply in one year. Determined to earn their charter, the small group of Kappa Brothers continued meeting, performing community service and reclaiming Brothers under the name "Kappa's of Abington-Ambler", even launching their own youth development program, Kappa Academy. The application for a charter was resubmitted, this time with the names of 18 Kappa Brothers. The application was accepted and steps were put in place to install the small chapter. The chartering ceremony was held on October 22, 2005, and presided over by the Northeastern Province Polemarch Michael Brewington, and attended by friends, family, and dignitaries from the Northeastern Province.