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Come Home to Kappa with The Abington-Ambler Alumni Chapter.

The Abington-Ambler Alumni Chapter moves closer to the day when reclamation is not a separate endeavor, but an ongoing consideration that permeates every aspect of our programs and activities. Recognition is given to members who give their time to the fraternity in the form of awards, recognition at the regular meetings, and in articles submitted to the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal.

If you have been away from the Bond, desiring a chapter to call home and live in the Abington-Ambler Area or nearby counties, the brothers of the Abington-Ambler Chapter encourage and welcome all long lost members of the our Noble Klan to become active members of the chapter. We’ll take care of checking your status with IHQ and handling all of the necessary paperwork for you. Submit from the button from below and we’ll take it from there.




Mu Phi 97’

Since my initiation into the Mu Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc, in 1997, I continue to give my all to Kappa as a brother who is willing to roll his sleeves up and commit himself both physically and financially to taking Kappa to the next level while also mentoring and Since joining and becoming financial with the Abington-Ambler Alumni Chapter in October 2010, I have both lead and assisted in a number of programs and activities as well as continuing to mentor young African-American Males as well as reinforcing to new brothers to continue being committed based on the oath they once took in the past and retake every January.

As a Life Member with Grand Chapter and having 22 years in the bond, I have given my time and energy to my undergraduate home of Mu Phi and to a host of alumni chapters over the years and now AAA is my permanent home. I enjoy bridging the gap so that our young leadership does not stall in AAA progress because I committed as brothers have seen, to working to see AAA become the best alumni chapter in the Northeastern Province. I continue serving AAA with the same tireless energy and as the current President of the Krimson Foundation, the 501(C)(3) tax exempt non-partisan organization that serves as the charitable arm of the Abington-Ambler Alumni Chapter, is truly gives me great joy to call AAA my home.